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John Burrowes • Online

Experienced commercial and property lawyer

I have been self-employed as a solicitor since 1979 and have vast experience both of running commercial enterprises and building up marketing them together with experience in virtually every aspect of the law. In the last 15 years I have specialised exclusively in commercial and property matters.

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Mali Smith • Online

Senior solicitor specialising in employment and commercial law

Qualified as a barrister in 1999 in employment law. In 2008 became a solicitor and further specialised in commercial and international dispute resolution. In 2010 became an international commercial arbitrator FCIarb. Represented employers and employees in many different tribunal on various issues from unfair dismissal, TUPE and restricting and cross border issues. Also specialised in drafting commercial contract and construction contracts.

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Dan Johnson • Online

Experienced & Expert Business Law Solicitor

Available at :

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Roger Buston • Online

Senior Principal Solicitor ( Property Specialist)

I have run a highly successful Solicitors High Street practice for 25 + years I sit on the Property Section Executive of the Law Society for England and Wales. I am Law Society for England and Wales Council Member for Suffolk and North essex

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Fantastic! Talk 2 Solicitors helped me out a lot, when I thought it was all over.

Talk 2 Solicitors was brilliant, and perfect for me. I had a lot of Family Law problems but upon searching for legal advice online and came across a Family Law speciallist. After visiting her online profile  and learning more about her, i felt very comfortable telling her my personal problems. Her legal advice  was just what I needed and help sort out all the problems that I had.

I strongly recommend this to anyone else looking with legal questions, looking for geunine online legal answers.

Legal advice is just so expensive these days, I knew there had to be something online where I could get legal advice, that could do the job, I had a issue with a ex employer, he tried to pull the wool over my eyes. I knew I was in the right, I just needed some legal advice from a Solicitor online who knew what they were taking about and could give me legal advice to my long list of legal questions, and thats exactly what I got.

The online Solicitor I spoke to was excellent, answered all my questions and saved me from eviction!

I have been having some property issues with my Landlord, I felt as if I could handle it on my own, as I certainly did not have the £1250.00 plus VAT I was quoted by a high street lawyer. My Landlord tried to evict me, and gave me a 48 hours notice, quoting this and that law. I told a property Solicitor on here all about  he told me exactly what I needed to say to my Landlord and write in my letter, and I have not heard from Landlord since, and that was 5 months ago!! Being able to get expert legal advice online from real Solicitors online is a gamechanger in my opnion, I got the law on my side and my Landlord knew it !!!