About Talk 2 Solicitors

About Us

Talk2Solicitors.co.uk was created to provide an alternative, easily accessible and affordable means of accessing legal advice online, while also opening a window of opportunities for Solicitors to deliver their services, by reaching a much wider clientele without the constraints of time and an office space.
The Solicitors on Talk2Solicitors.co.uk are some of the UK's very best who have been approved and verified by us. This lets you know that you are in safe hands, and will get the advice you need, when you choose to talk to a Solicitor on Talk2Solicitors.co.uk.


Our Mission

Imagine a world where legal advice is affordable, accessible and simple. How much of a better world would that be?

The problem is we are moving further and further away from the world that you just imagined. On the 1st of April 2013, legal aid was cut by over 350 million pounds, making legal advice more expensive, more inaccessible and more complex.

However, it does not have to be that way. Through the power of the internet we can change this. Making legal advice and services for ordinary people less stressful, less painful and less expensive.

We can create the very world you first imagined at the start of this mission statement, a world where legal advice is affordable, accessible and simple.

Ask A Solicitor A Legal Question

Choose the Solicitor you want to speak to and ask your question.

Receive Online Legal Advice

Our Solicitors are experts in their field, which means that you receive quality online legal advice.

Ask Free Follow Up Questions

If you need more help to resolve your issue, you can ask your online Solicitor follow up questions for free!

Your Legal Questions

Our Online Legal Experts are here to help you with any legal questions and issues that you have.

Talk 2 Solicitors makes it easy for you to be able to talk to Solicitor online, from the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience for a fixed fee.

Your Solicitor will provide you with online legal advice through instant messaging style communication. If you need more help to resolve your issue, you can ask your Solicitor follow up questions for free!

Our Ethos

We believe that that through technology and the internet especially, you can become empowered like never before and get the information, answers and legal advice that you need.

.In helping you to achieve this we ensure that at the core of Talk 2 Solicitors are these three things - the dignity of the individual, excellence, and service. This is something that will always remain the same.

What Our Customers Say

All the online Solicitors on Talk 2 Solicitors are true experts in their field and are dedicated to helping you solve your legal issue and giving  you the all importance piece of advice that makes the difference in your situation.

Our Journey

It has been quite the journey in bringing Talk 2 Solicitors to the internet.

To get here we have studied, refined and adapted our vision of how the internet can be best used to make expert legal advice affordable, accessible and simple and we continue to do so every single day.

We are dedicated to transforming the way in which legal services are both given and received in the UK and online for the benefit of you.