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Get expert legal advice online from the UK's best Solicitors.

Talk2Solicitors.co.uk makes expert legal advice from legal experts affordable, accessible and simple for people just like you, through the power of the internet.

We are the only place on the internet where you can get quality online legal advice directly from approved and verified online Solicitors who really care about your legal issue and are willingly to go the extra mile to advise you online for a fixed price.
Talk 2 Solicitors was created with you in mind from the very beginning.

We heared the complaints of the public, their frustrations and heartaches in getting legal advice and using Solicitors, so we decided to create a new way of getting legal advice using the power of the internet.

We believe expert legal advice should be easy to obtain and should be accessible online. Talk2Solicitors.co.uk was created to make sure that this is the case.


Choose a Solicitor of your choice, with the right experience and expertise.

Find a fixed price that suits you and your budget and save hundreds of pounds.

Get the answers to all your legal questions via your laptop, tablet or mobile.

Connect with Solicitors
from all over the UK

We have a diverse range of Solicitors online. Our Solicitors cover every region of the UK, ensuring that there are always suitable and experienced Solicitors with a variety of skills, specialities and knowledge bases that you can talk to day or night.

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Search for Solicitors from Business to Employment law

We have online Solicitors who have expertise in Business, Employment, Property, Family, and Immigration, Wills, Crime and more. Meaning that you are guaranteed to find the right Solicitor for you on Talk 2 Solicitors and get the answers and advice that you need.

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Save money

Through the Talk 2 Solicitors internet platform, Solicitors costs are drastically reduced and their cost savings are passed onto you through more affordable legal advice.

Read reviews on Solicitors

You can read reviews left by previous users on Solicitors, to make sure a Solicitor is right for you.

Get to know your Solicitor before any questions

Read about a Solicitors background, experience, qualifications and specialties and approach to giving advice online.

The UK's best Solicitors online

We continuously work to select only the best Solicitors in England and Wales to become members of Talk 2 Solicitors, checking their background and expertise, so that you can be rest assured when you talk to one of our online Solicitors,you are getting the right help.

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Get to know your Solicitor before any questions

Read about a Solicitors background, experience, qualifications and specialties and approach to giving advice online.

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Access messages from
any device at anytime

Get online legal advice online at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , 365 days a year. Talk 2 Solicitors is open all the time, you can log in and talk to a Solicitor using your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

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Why Choose Us

If you are a Solicitor in England and Wales, you can become a member of Talk2Solicitors.co.uk.

Being a member means you can become an online Solicitor and create your own personal profile on the website. Users pay a fixed fee chosen by you for your online legal advice. The advice you give in the form of answers to the User's questions on legal topic areas, which you have knowledge and expertise in.

Anyone who has access to the internet can view your profile and ask you a legal question regarding on a topic of law that you specialise in. You can provide expert legal advice online through instant messaging style communication using your account on the website.

We empower you to provide legal advice online.

You can choose from a monthly annual membership plan to become a member of Talk 2 Solicitors. Monthly membership plan starts at £69.99 per month, or you can pay annually and get a whole month free. New Solicitors to the website can try out Talk 2 Solicitors on a free trial offer of 14 days.

Join Now to become a member click sign up now. It less takes than 24 hours for us to verify and approve your membership.

Create your personal profile and boost your online presence.

Set your price and recieve payment within 7 days.

Let consumers seeking legal help, access your from the touch of a button.

Let us do the hard work

Talk 2 Solicitors takes care of running online marketing campaigns to promote the profiles of our members and drive traffic to the website. So that you can get maximum exposure and reach online.

We also have a support team on hand 24/7 who you can email if your ever need any assistance in using your Talk 2 Solicitors account.

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Harness the power of the internet to sell your legal services online

The internet is now the most powerful and most used technology tool in our daily lives.

Talk 2 Solicitors gives you the power to sell your legal services online and meet your customers online, where they are already spend majority of their time.

You decide how much to charge

As an online Solicitor on Talk 2 Solicitors, you can set your price for how much you would like to charge users to get legal advice online from you.

A single consultation consists of a user asking you a legal advice question plus free follow up questions on the same question topic, restricted to over a 7 day period. This price you set for a single consultation will appear on your profile.

Online transactions

Our world class online payment processor handles payments, making sure you get paid on time.

Recieve payment in 7 days

You will receive a user payment fee within 7 days of providing advice online. Payment is made directly into your bank account.

The more you know the more you can make

The more areas of law that you have an understanding of, the more legal categories that you can place your profile and increase the amount of questions you receive from users. The more you know, the more you can earn and cater for a range of legal advice needs.